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Our Mission
Our Values

The mission of Community Support Services is to provide housing, community based support services, and advocacy for individuals and families in crisis.


Community Support Services is a division of Ottawa County Transitional Housing, Inc. (OCTHI). OCTHI started as a

community based organization in 1992 and became incorporated in 1994.


Our organization is a Private, Non-Profit as classified under the IRS as a 501 (c)(3).


Its original purpose was to provide support to women who were victims of domestic violence. Ruth Ann Belknap, the founder, along with volunteers offered support groups and counseling to the clientele. Ruth Ann and the board had an opportunity to partner with WSOS to provide housing to women in need. This changed our mission slightly, not only would we serve women in domestic violence situations but those that were in economic need. We received funding through the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) through a state program administered by the Ohio Department of Development.


Transitional Housing allows women to stay at the house for up to two (2) years. The home is able to accommodate six (6) women at any one time in addition to nine (9) children however the children must be with a parent.


Over the years, our organization has evolved to primarily provide Community Support Services and Transitional Housing.


Outreach and Support Services

This unit provides case services which is a collective process of assessment, planning, facilitation and advocacy for options and services to meet an individual's or family’s needs through communication and available resources to promote quality cost-effective outcomes.

Transitional Housing (Ruth Ann’s House)

This unit is population specific and provides housing services to women (with or without children) who are homeless and to women of domestic violence.

Community Support Services is dedicated to valuing and treating all individuals, regardless of situation, with respect, self-worth, fairness, and privacy.

Community Support Services is dedicated to providing high quality, confidential, and effective services through community partnerships, family choices, and shared responsibilities that result in effective outcomes.

Board of Directors

Kassie Anderson - Chair

Term: October 2018 through October 2021


Michael Bassett

Term: January 2019 through January 2022


Reverend Robert Butcher

Term: January 2018 through January 2021

Diane Cadigan – Secretary/Treasurer

Term: July 2018 through July 2021


Michelle Coon - Vice Chair

Term: October 2018 through October 2021


Rose Ann Hickman

Term: April 2018 through April 2021


Jaime Saska

Term: January 2019 through January 2022


Cathy Schellin

Term: January 2018 through January 2021


TDH Enterprises Inc. (TDH) is the administrative entity which oversees all administrative and financial operations of Community Support Services (CSS) dba Ottawa County Transitional Housing Inc. (OCTHI).




The leadership provides oversight and management of the organization’s administrative and financial functions.

  • Cole D. Hatfield - President and Owner, TDH Enterprises Inc.

  • David Castillo - Chief Executive Officer, TDH Enterprises Inc.

  • Cathy Schellin - Director of Support Services & Transitional Housing



The team is responsible for implementing the vision, mission, and values of Community Support Services and its’ day-to-day operations.


  • Barbara Philabaum

  • Jessica Adams

  • Carol A. Bauer, MPA

  • Jean Lindsey-Dupey

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